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Here's what the streaming page looked like circa 2008, the stream in this form hasn't been in service for over 10 years.

I have added a playback for "The Doobie" to bring back that streaming nostalgia. If it doesn't work, head on over to the actual stream of "The Doobie" at doobieradio.com

(Note, in summer months stream is probably not active)

The Stream is On!

Click the speaker to listen live.

If you can't see the speaker above, download QuickTime below.

Get QuickTime


Contact us through AOL IM:

(You can't)

Having Problems?
Try these steps.

- Install the latest Quicktime from the link above.

- On a Mac, in QuickTime Player, go to Quicktime Player...Preferences...Quicktime Preferences. Click on the Connection button, then Transport Setup. Click on "Use this protocol and port ID." Then click on "RTSP Port ID 7070." Close System Preferences and try stream again.

- On a PC, in QuickTime Player, go to Edit...Preferences...Quicktime Preferences. Click on Streaming Transport from the pulldown menu. Click on "Use this protocol and port ID." Then click on "RTSP Port ID 7070." Close the window and try again.

- If you still cannot access the stream after trying all the suggestions above, please e-mail tech@wdub.org and we will send some to your computer to take a look at it.

(Not anymore...sorry folks!)

WDUB does not guarantee availability of this stream for all students. This is a new technology that will take time to perfect. We appreciate your patience and understanding.